Alexander Beim

Alexander Beim

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Username * LotusArt
Country * Germany
City Hamburg
Nationality German


Availability: Freelance


Here are a bit about my self: Beeing a child I drew a lot. I was especially proud when i could win the first price in drawing in the competition among the children of the same age in my town. I drew a town of future, in which earth men and Martians were living peacefully together. At the age of 12 I began to study painting at the art school. I enjoyed painting also thanks to my teacher, who could arouse and promote our interest to art, to the world of mystery and fantasy.
After finishing the art school at the age of 17 I was searching for purport of my own life. I tried myself in different activities. I was engaged in poetry, studying music and kung fu. But for the whole time, i didn't stop painting. No matter where I was or what I was busy with I always found an opportunity to paint. After I worked as an artist at the plant in my town. That time I had to make many pictures to order. But I always tried to find some time to create things that I liked.
Some time later I began to work on computer. I was really fascinated with it. So I took a one year computer course. There we studied all forms and directions of multimedia. That time I realized that 3D was exactly, what I needed. After finishing this course I continued specialising my knowledges in 3D. I spent many hours a day working on PC to learn to create pictures not with crayon or brush but with a computer mouse. Some time later I could find a job as a computer designer and could specialise in making 3D animations. I enjoyed working for this firm. Not only because I could earn good money there. My chief told me in general outline what the spot was about. I was free in choosing and creating the characters. Then I got an opportunity to take part in a project for one computer compuny in Hamburg. This company was planning to create an virtual word on nets.I have been working there for 3 months before this company became insolvent. So I was unemployed for some time. But I always wanted to set up for independent. Now I am a Freelancer and enjoy it.


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